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Turkey Incentives

Turkey Incentives has over 30 years experience in various areas of Turkish tourism.

Salih Kırbaş started out as a tour guide, worked in office management and hotel management and now feels privileged to share his knowledge, experience and passion for Turkey and tourism with you as managing director of Turkey Incentives.

During 12 years he gained international experience by living, studying and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 1985 he decided to follow his passion for travel and specialised in tourism. This choice brought him back to Turkey, the Ankara School for Tourism to be exact. Since then he always aimed to bring cultures together and offered tourists from around the globe - especially from the Netherlands - a glimpse of the real Turkey. Turkey Incentive allows him to take this dream one step further.

Turkey Incentives and its professional team respect and work according to Turkish values, but are keenly aware of the needs of tourists from Western countries. We are in that sense much like the Bosporus, trying to bring together two cultures on a point where East meets West. Let us embark on this journey where Europe ends and Asia begins and experience this amazing connection together.

Turkey Incentives not only offers you first-hand and thorough knowledge and passion of Turkey and its traditions, but we also like to impress you with our excellent service level which will make your (incentive) trip an unforgettable experience. From arrival to departure, we will make sure your trip is a success for you and your clients. Whether it is the service provided by a luggage porter, the means of transportation for your hotel transfer, the quality of the food and beverages, the splendour of a museum or a shopping trip through the Bazaar or a first-hand experience of Turkish traditions; we look forward to introducing you to all the highlights of Turkey.

Experience the real Turkey with Turkey Incentives!

Experience the Bosphorus in TurkeyExperience the Bosphorus in Turkey

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