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Data integrity and collection

Your personal details will be used with the sole purpose of processing your travel request. Your contact information will not be used to send promotions, special offers or information on other products or services. Your contact information will never be sold or provided to third parties without your consent. At all times we will grant you access and/or insight into your personal information in our database. Your contact information can be changed or deleted upon your request.

Surfing behaviour

Turkey Incentives does not use of any technology to collect data on or monitor your surfing behaviour, e.g. logging your IP address. However, we do use technology to monitor visits to our website and generate statistics. These statistics allow us to improve our quality of service and information as well as the accessibility of our website. The data collected for these purposes is anonymous and totalled (we do not generate statistics on individual visitors).


This website does not use cookies which collect data on your use of this website.